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Our Rooms

The BCoT Nursery has a secured entrance foyer, a large reception area, a staff room, an office, a classroom and a large shared area where children come together to enjoy mealtimes.

We have three large, airy rooms (Piglets, Tiggers and Christopher Robins) and a garden area which is on two levels for outdoor play.

Piglets (3mnth to 2 years)

Piglets cater for children aged 3 to 24 months and can hold a maximum of 12 children. The room is divided into different areas including book, role-play, baby, construction, small world and messy play areas.

Tiggers (2 to 3 years)

Tiggers cater for children age 24 to 36 months and can hold a maximum of 16 children. The room is divided into different areas including book, construction, messy play, role-play, small world and maths areas.

Christopher Robins (3 years+)

Christopher Robins is split into two groups: Winnie-the-Pooh and Wise Owls. Winnie-the-Pooh’s are children aged 36 to 48 months and Wise Owls are children aged 48 months until they start school. Christopher Robins can hold a maximum of 24 children. The room is divided into different areas including book, role play, discovery station, mark making, maths, messy play, construction and small world.

Shared Area

The shared area is used for a variety of activities and is where all the children meet up for meal times. Joining together for meals is great for children who have siblings within the setting as this helps with the nursery ethos of being part of a family and enabling the children to interact on a daily basis with each other. It also supports the transition of our children when they move up to the next room as they are already used to seeing the other children and staff members from the different rooms. The area is also used for group activities ranging from physical including a wooden climbing frame and soft play to language groups to cooking activities and there is a sensory area within the room. ‘Stretch and Grow’ (a children’s fitness franchise) comes into nursery once a week and uses the area for their sessions. 


The class room is used by students attending BCoT who are studying Childcare and Education vocational courses which gives the students an insight into nursery life while they are studying. A lecturer is always present when students are in the class room and all college visitors to the nursery including students wear a lanyard. The student’s mobile phones are kept in a secure box and held by the lecturer while they are in the nursery. The nursery liaises consistently with the college Health, Care and Early Years department and the workplace co-ordinator as students use the nursery as a placement for work experience. Each student is given a mentor who is able to role-model good practice to them and support their learning.


In the reception area there is an area for parent/carers to leave their child’s pushchair while they are at nursery, an area where the staff team and menus are displayed, a seating area, a parent’s notice board, a variety of information folders and leaflets for parents including policies, compliments and complaints, newsletters etc. We also have a screen on the wall where the parents can see a slideshow of photographs of the children joining in with activities in the nursery, and a lending library for parents to take a book or story sack home with them to read with their child.


All of the base rooms have access to an enclosed outside area which consists of a lower and upper garden. The lower garden can be accessed at all times. It is blocked paved, with the central area being covered in a safety surface. A small area called Piglets Patch has a low level wooden barrier (railway sleepers) to enable our non-mobile babies to play and learn in the outside area while keeping them safe from their mobile friends. There is a construction area, role play area, mark making area, bikes, scooter, balls, hoops, stilts, climbing frame with a slide and a fireman’s pole, see-saw, balance disc, ridged balance beams, water run and a traversing wall. The upper garden is a work in progress it has raised beds, with a variety of sensory plants and herbs, a mud kitchen, digging area, small world area, bug hotel and story circle. The two areas are joined by concrete steps and an enclosed slide that can also be used by the staff.

Roos Room

Opened in 2019, our new Roos Room is for our youngest children from 3 months to 18 months. 



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